Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"She is a Thing of Beauty" . . . Stella at City Inn, Miami

"She is a thing of beauty". . . when I see this ad or read these words it makes me think of beautiful romantic things ..and yes... it does make me a bit thirsty and knowing the love that goes into the Stella Artois, makes me want  to curl up to a fire a sip on a glass. 

However, I would like to bring to the table the idea of responsible advertising. Not just in what we advertise... but where and how advertising can cover the truth. Literally.

While driving down highway I95 on way through Miami headed to Key West there is usually one thought in mind - partying. Which leads to a choice of drinking. Seeing this huge billboard, approximately 10 stories high, with a beautiful couple drinking a Stella and between it says "She is a thing of beauty"... its all good. It makes you want to pull off onto the next exit and get some.

But I am bringing to the table what lies behind that ten story drop of plastic. What is actually holding up the ad and promise of beauty. . . The City Inn.

The City Inn, located in Miami off of the Track ('where drugs and sex are sold like candy to tourists'), is one of South Florida's worst brothels and drug houses. A place where women and children are sold for sex and kept as slaves by some of the hardest pimps and drug lords in Miami. 

"She is a thing of beauty". . . when I drive by the City Inn and see this, read this, it sends chills down my spine. For the little girl that has been forced into a life of selling her young body for sex to complete strangers... forced by sheer terror of being killed by the man, the pimp, who kidnapped and controls her. She is a thing of beauty that has been trapped into a darkness, out of sight and mind. She is the thing of beauty that is hiding behind the window which is covered by this ad.

Victims of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking/Child Sex Slavery... are here, in America. Thousands are hidden in the shadows and on the streets of Miami and Broward County, Florida. These are our Missing Kids, our American Children who are being held slaves and being sold. Seeing this ad on The City Inn is humiliating to me. It brings chills to my spine to see the irony of it all. I am certain that Anheuser-Bush /Stella Artois knows nothing of what they are supporting by paying the City Inn to run their beautiful ad... however I feel they should know what they are covering up... at least be aware of what lies behind even the most beautiful picture.

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