Wednesday, October 27, 2010

As easy as Sugar

Sugar is an excellent example of how simple it is to make a change.

How many of us know our neighbors? How many of us actually can call the guy next door if we feel like we need something?

It is as easy as a cup of sugar.

The guy who runs out of sugar in the middle of making cookies for his girlfriend, otherwise he would never use sugar, realizes... he needs to get a cup in order to finish. Your average person in this situation would simply grab a coat, grab the keys to the car, a couple bucks and hit the closest store. All the while wasting time, gasoline, and the entire wasteful production of sugar itself. And then the box sits in his cabinet, only one cup missing, for all of eternity after he finds out his girl has a glucose intolerance and prefers to use stevia for sweetener.

The better thing to do is to run next door, knock on the door, introduce yourself and ask your neighbor if you could borrow a cup of sugar. Make it two and double the batch so that you can gift your new friend with home baked cookies. Next thing you know, in a couple days he will be bringing your plate back and offering you to stop by for pizza and to watch the game. Before you know it you guys are old pals and borrowing tools and making pizza and the game a ritual.

Then one day your little cousin comes to visit. The bus drops her off at the corner and immediately she is intercepted by a fancy car with two very handsome young boys. One engages her in flattery compliments and conversation while the other throws his foot out the window, takes a drag from his cigarette, and looks through the smokescreeen to watch the road.

Your neighbor just happens to look out the window as he hears the unfamiliar engine idling outside. He recognizes your cousin and picks up the phone to call you. Within minutes both of you are out the front doors of your houses and the two boys are gone. Your cousin just stands there a bit taken back and confused. But safe

Just for a cup of sugar

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